Custom orders

Is there a Studio Minapop design that you adore, and would love to order in a different fabric? Or do you want to make changes to an existing design? You can now place custom orders and get a garment that is altered to your liking! For example:

  • order a piece in a different fabric
  • make alterations such as sleeve length or turning a maxi into a mini skirt
  • mix and match different styles, e.g. the Maple dress with Rowan sleeves, or the Alice dress with a Maple skirt

Fill in the form below detailing which garment you want, which alteration(s) you would like to make, and which size you want the garment to be (make sure to check the size guide).

The price of a custom order will depend on the alterations and the type of fabric. After filling in the form I'll check if your request is feasible for me and get back to you with an adjusted price! I check requests at specific times so please leave a few business days for a response.

Keep in mind that some customisations might not be feasible (e.g. the Juniper skirt is made from a very fluid silk, which is difficult to swap out for a sturdier fabric). To guard the quality of the garment, I will always check if your request is within reason before accepting a custom order 💕

Request a custom order