About the brand

Hi there!

Nice to meet you! My name is Leen and I run Studio Minapop, a conscious made-to-order fashion brand. I create colourful clothes that are ethically produced using sustainable materials. Everything is designed and handmade by me in my slow fashion studio in Leuven, Belgium 💗

Our sustainable angle

Made-to-order fashion

All Studio Minapop clothes are made to order, which means your garment is made especially for you after you place your order. This way nothing goes to waste and your order is handmade from scratch. Slow fashion takes a bit more time but is made to last you a lifetime! 💕

Ethically made for a fair wage

Every single Studio Minapop piece is handmade from scratch in my studio in Belgium. The biggest (and often hidden) cost of making a fair garment is production time. For example: my dresses generally take around 5 hours to make. As an ethical fashion brand I charge a fair wage for this time. This way, I can take the time and attention needed to make high-quality garments that can be loved by you for a lifetime. ✨

Sustainable fabrics

Every Studio Minapop piece is made using environmentally conscious, high-quality fabric such as deadstock fabrics, GOTS certified organic cotton, natural linen and 100% recycled fabrics.

Deadstock fabrics are high-quality fabrics that are leftover from the fashion industry. Using these types of fabrics contributes to a more circular way of fashion design, since it focuses on using existing materials instead of producing new ones. ♻️

I take my time handpicking fabrics and only order very limited amounts. This makes Studio Minapop garments extra unique, because only a few pieces can be made of each design. 💘

My pattern designing & sewing process is optimised to minimise fabric waste. When I do have fabric scraps I repurpose them for scrunchies or small zero-waste projects.


Studio Minapop packaging is recyclable and made from environmentally friendly materials, such as FSC-certified labels and thank you cards, recycled tissue paper and PVC-free stickers. 

Follow my handmade fashion brand journey

Sustainability in the fashion industry is a multi-faceted issue and Studio Minapop is dedicated to keep learning and to create a positive and sustainable impact! Want to join my brand's journey? Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news.

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